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MAAX offers a broad range of bathtubs, showers and shower doors that provide the unique style, lasting quality and simple solutions desired by all our customers. By meeting rigorous quality and durability standards while offering a wide variety of product shapes, sizes, styles and prices, MAAX aims to be your brand of choice for bath products.  


You want to leave your mark on everything you do: the way you work; the way you play; the way you live, love and relax. MAAX, with its wide array of stylish products – from timeless classics to modern chic, makes it easy for to you to find the flair you desire when it comes to bathroom décor.

With guidance and insight from our in-house design experts, we have highlighted the products, looks and finishing touches that will let you turn the bathroom of your dreams into "the" bathroom of your home.

Create your dream bathroom with MAAX

Bathrooms may be the smallest rooms in most homes but they are among the most important to our everyday sense of being. They are personal, intimate spaces where convenience and pampering should be high priorities to start and end our day on the right note.

Before embarking on your bathroom design project, consult with the best expert available – yourself. While you'll probably need help from professionals such as designers, architects and plumbers, their job starts with you having a vision for your ideal bathroom.

Knowing your needs, desires, sense of style and budget will lay vital groundwork that the professionals you hire can work with and build upon to create the bathroom that both fits your needs and fulfill your desires.

So get ready and let the experience begin!

5 Tips for Small Bathrooms


Get the most out of your small bathroom

A bathroom should be practical, which can be a big challenge when it’s small. Here are some of our favorite tips to help you see big!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Hang a mirror that’s wider than your vanity and you’ll kill two birds with one stone: more space for your better half on hectic mornings and the illusion of a wall that’s twice as big.



Spice racks make a great storage solution for beauty products. Put them inside your cabinets for easy access or keep your extra cotton balls and Q‑tips in pretty baskets on a shelf above the bathroom door.


Brush strokes

Another way to make a small room appear bigger is to create movement by adding broad horizontal lines. Try choosing a color that’ll spice up your monochromatic walls!

Focal point

Trick your eye by creating a focal point, a special accent in your bathroom, such as a brightly colored shower curtain, a painting on the wall, or a shower mat in the center of the room.

Corner shower

A corner shower is an excellent way to save space in your bathroom and stay on trend! The Nero shower kit is the perfect example! By using a space that’s often ignored, you’ll win big! 


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