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Pipes & Fittings

Consumers Supply always stocks various pipes and fittings at WHOLESALE PRICES including:

  • Copper Pipe: Type M lengths up to 4", Type L lengths up to 2", Type K rolls up to 2", DWV fittings up to 4", Pressure fittings up to 4", Compression fittings up to 7/8" OD, Sharkbite fittings up to 1", Press fittings up to 2"

  • PVC Pipe: Schedule-40 Pressure Lengths and all fittings up to 1", Schedul-40 DWV Lengths and all fittings up to 6"

  • Galvinized Pipe: Length and all fittings up to 2"

  • Black Pipe: Lengths and all fitting up to 4"

  • Soil Pipe: Lengths (single and double hub) and fittings up to 6"

We also quote large jobs. Fax lists to (312)666-5885 or email for a prompt response.