Comfort-Aire Furnaces

Consumers Supply stocks Comfort-Aire furnaces, a leader in the heating industry. Shop below or call or text us at 312-666-6080 for more info.

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COMFORT AIRE is a product-driven indoor comfort systems manufacturer. We differentiate ourselves through product innovation, quality and service. We develop, manufacture and launch products ahead of the competition, creating an outstanding value proposition for each step of the channel. Our philosophy is simple…. use proven technology to build reliable products for customers.

While most manufacturers use batch processing techniques and randomly tests products, we have a unique approach. We use Demand Flow Technology® (DFT) to build high quality products for all of our customers.

DFT has many unique benefits, but the most beneficial to the buyer is the results. We build quality into our product at every step in the manufacturing process. On our manufacturing line, everyone touching the product is triple checking the workmanship. Then, each product is 100% computer-automated tested to remove human error in the final analysis. COMFORT AIRE is the only heating and cooling manufacturer to be DFT-certified. As a result, our products are reliable — it shows in our industry-leading product warranties and our brand names.

Comfort Air furnace featuring tuular heat exchanger, induced draft blower, electronic ignition, integrated control board, durable cabinet, in-shot burner, and high efficiency blower