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Perfect Water Flow. Always. Guaranteed. 


GROHE delivers superior water performance, ensuring the same luxurious experience everytime you interact with their products. See, touch, feel and experience perfect water flow.

You will notice three things that makes GROHE different to other manufacturers;

• Long lasting quality – we strive for perfection, but we don’t just stop there, we practice a culture of continuous improvement.
• Innovative Technology – delivering the best of the best, every time.
• Design – enduring design that has received international acclaim.

We combine these three key elements of our water philosophy to ensure our customers enjoy the perfect water flow delivered by perfect looking products.


Feel the difference with GROHE SilkMove® Technology. 

GROHE faucets are renowned for their smooth operation. Not only are GROHE one of the world ‘s leading faucet manufacturers, but we are also one of a very few manufacturers that produce their own cartridges. A cut above the rest, in house cartridges are at the heart of GROHE SilkMove® innovation. These cartridges utilise the most advanced ceramic alloy technology coated with a special Teflon lubricant, which guarantee rich smooth handling. A faucet is used many times a day, everyday, however GROHE faucets withstand years and years of use whilst delivering the same outstanding performance, every time.