Amtrol RP-15 Deluxe Install Kit

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Model: HOKRPKit15
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  • Kit Includes:
  • (1)24″ x 24″ Vibration Mat: Thick rubber mat that the entire unit rests upon. The Mat stops transfer of vibration from the motor to the floor and the rest of the structure.
  • (1)Vibration Isolator: The Vibration Isolator is a sweat x sweat braided length of pipe that stops the transmission of vibration from the motor to the rest of the pipes in the structure. This item should be sweat into the discharge line from the pump.
  • (1) Brass 100psi Relief Valve: The Relief Valve is good practice in every installation to protect all the fixtures in the home from high pressures. The relief valve should be installed in the discharge line of the system and it should be plumbed to a floor drain or other suitable location.
  • (1) Brass Spring Check Valve: A spring check valve is necessary in EVERY installation and should be installed on the supply line leading to the pump.