Black Swan Zap Liquid Drain Pipe Opener – 1/2 or 1 Gallon

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  • Black Swan Zap Drain Pipe Opener is a heavy-duty, sulfuric acid drain opener formulated specifically for emergency use.
  • ZAP quickly clears clogged drains and waste lines: thaws frozen lines. Disintegrates paper, rags, sanitary napkins, lime and scale deposits, food scraps and other organic matter. Melts grease quickly.
  • ZAP is manufactured with concentrated virgin sulfuric acid.
  • ZAP contains protective, corrosion inhibitors and quick penetrating activating agents. They inhibit corrosive action, and their proven protective superiority has been attested to by an independent laboratory.
  • ZAP will not harm septic tanks, cesspools, drainage fields and leaching systems when properly used according to directions.
  • ZAP saves time and effort – and simplifies tough jobs. Emergency stoppages can be promptly eliminated in the shortest time – cleanly – without the use of mechanical equipment.


  • OPENING INSTRUCTIONS: Tear plastic bag at top and carefully remove bottle. Keep bottle on stable, flat surface and hold by handle. Do not squeeze sides. It may cause eruption of liquid. Remove cap by pressing down and unscrewing. Always replace cap after use. If liquid comes in contact with your skin, rinse thoroughly with cold water at once!
  • READ ALL DIRECTIONS AND WARNINGS BEFORE USE. FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS EXPLICITLY. Do not use drain opener in or on aluminum, chrome, stainless steel or non-acid-resistant enamel. Clean spills or drips immediately. Always close connecting drains when using drain opener. Avoid backups. Do not use plunger. Place a bucket or other large, deep container under drain before use. This product is inhibited against attacking most metals. Old piping systems may be porous and have defects that are sealed with accumulated organic matter. This product may expose these defects by attacking organic matter, as intended, and cause leaks.
  • REMOVE standing water and temper fixture with hot water before applying drain opener. Incorrect use may crack toilet. After tempering, slowly pour small quantity into drain opening. Do not inhale fumes. If no “bubbling” occurs, add balance of dosage.
  • DOSAGES: Small drains, traps, waste lines, toilets and urinals…1/2 pint g 3 to 4 inch lines…1 quart. 6 to 8 inch lines…1/2 gallon (allow additional standing time). After 15 minutes standing time slowly add 1 quart of cold water into drain opening and wait another five minutes. If line is clear, flush thoroughly with more cold water. Do not allow water to splash. Recommended dosage will open most lines, but if blockage persists, repeat dosage. Used as directed, drain opener will not harm drainage systems.